At StallWorks we are always trying to provide our customers with products that offer a superior balance of style, durability, and price. Select a product, or click a link below for more information. You can also view our Product Catalog.

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2500 Dutch Door                          2520 Series Dutch Door   
Barn Dutch Door    Exterior Dutch Door With Glass

2600 Solid Double Doors                    2650 Series Loft Doors
Double Hung Barn Doors    Exterior Loft Doors     

2900 Sliding Barn Door                   2920 Sliding Barn Door
Sliding Exterior Barn Door    Sliding Barn Door with Window    

2700 Sliding Barn Door                    2720 Sliding Barn Door                   
Sliding End Doors   Sliding Exterior barn Door

Custom Doors & Projects

Automatic barn Doors 



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